Theater for the girls and boys of today

FAMFEST 15 years

During 2022 FAMFEST reaches its 15th anniversary, which states its relevance in the development of children and adolescents’ audiences. This festival has been thought, managed and why not, dreamt for the girls and boys of our country. This special edition will take place between 8th-23rd of October in different townships of Santiago, with an important emphasis on inclusion.

GAM, Teatro Camilo Henríquez, Anfiteatro Bellas Artes, Teatro Mori Bellavista, Teatro Mori Recoleta, Teatro Mori Vitacura y Teatro Mori Parque Arauco, are the nine new venues that will receive this festival. Also there will be presentations in those townships that are far from the capital city, such as Quilicura, Lampa and La Pintana. The inauguration will take place in La Pintana on Saturday 8th, stating that this township will be the capital of girls, boys and adolescents.

The program of

FAMFEST 15 years

The program of FAMFEST 15 years includes 24 plays, selected at a national level and four at international level (Spain, Argentina, Ecuador). All of them will participate in the second cycle of School FAMFEST Campaign, that considers tickets at low cost for students.

As usual, the invited artists –national and international will do workshops aimed at children and adolescents’ public.
In the creators’ field, FAMFEST will contemplate two seminars for the training of local artists. One of them will be an international workshop of sign language for cultural mediators.

Since the touring of the plays is a fundamental focus to generate artistic Exchange, this festival will call to the 3rd Expoescena, a space to meet between national and international programmers which will take place between October 19th to 22nd.

In the inclusion field there will be six at ease functions (created for people with sensorial difficulties, autistic, learning disorders and other special needs regarding communication). There will be four plays with sign language plays, four plays with descriptive audio and workshops for boys and girls that are living at residences for a Better Childhood. These workshops will include, among others, themes of good care, bullying and gender identity.


On Sunday October 23rd at GAM there will be a civic party that will mark the end of FAMFEST 2022, a festival that is going on to its come of age with the certainty to be collaborating with a full education of the men and women of the future.