Inclusive theater

FAMFEST Festival 2022

A big bet for inclusive theater

For this version we will have more than 25 plays, between national and international productions. There will be 10 inclusive shows, which will be for general public as well as for the specially designed program specifically for school students. These presentations will include: Interpretation of Chilean Sign Language for deaf people, Tactile Tour (TT) for blind people and distended plays for neural diverse people.


(neural diverse people)

The Distended Presentation is an action subtly modified to amplify the access to neural diverse people to scenic performances. These are relaxed events that receive the public with new methodologies that include some differences in how to receive them in a theater; despite of that this shows are for all people as well. Some examples of these modifications are: the lights and sound that soften their impact; also there are places to rest. The attitude in the theater hall will be tolerant and relaxed regarding sounds and movements during the presentation.

From the perspective of the social inclusion model it is that it is stated that disability is a construction not a “deficiency”. In other words, these conditions are created by society itself or the surroundings or the contexts that limit and impede that people with disability may be included, decided or designed with their own autonomous plan of life in equal opportunities.


(Blind people)

This is a previous tour for blind people through the stage, props, wardrobe, which means that the members of the public can explore, touch and feel some of the accessories.

FAMFEST 15 proposes as one of its leading central concepts do the work from inclusion, presenting a varied billboard of distended presentations, as well as other offers of other inclusive actions aimed to cultural agents like: Puppets Workshops, Puppeteers, Performers, Interpreters of sign language on stage, education professionals, mental health professionals, among others. There will be also workshops for relaxed presentations, among other activities that will take place in the theaters associated between the 8th and the 22nd of October.


These are performances that go along with the interpretation of Chilean Sign Language. Not all the plays will have this intervention: it will depend on the set design format. It is important to consider that in Chile not all deaf people know sign language. However the State since 2021 recognizes sign language as the “official language for deaf people” and it obliges itself to promote, respect and make respect the cultural and linguistic rights of deaf people.