Centro Cultural Mori, located in Santiago, Chile, has created an International Family Thater Festival as a place to exhibit, produce and discuss different aspects of theatrical arts. Besides, it is a resort of encounter and exchange among national and international companies.
FAMFEST is aware that the theatrical arts for children and youth in general provides possibilities to spread up world perceptions through an artistic and sensitive event, of great quality.
For 2023 we want to value the young audience, delivering a Festival of good quality and inclusive where all children and youngsters through their own capacities can enjoy our program. One of our programming lines are: memory, patrimony and future.

As a festival we embrace productions of diverse theatrical techniques such as authors’ thater, muppests, physical theater, marionettes, shadows theater, circus, dance, clown, miniature theater, pantomime, gesture theater, oral account theater and musical theater. All of these practices focus towards family audiences.


  • Contribute to the programming offer with activities of the theatrical arts aimed to family audiences.
  • Promote social and cultural acknowledgement of the profesional activity developed by national companies within the framework of an international festival.
  • Contribute to the creation and instruction of theatrical arts various audiences, through de value given to the artistic event.
  • Promote and contribute to the integration and creation of a worldwide theater spread, through the participation of iberoamerican countries casts dedicated to children and youth theater.
  • Support the theatrical production aimed at childhood and adolescents, including the dramaturgy as well as the staging.
  • Generate a reflection and exchange space regarding the importance of family theater at school and society.
  • Promote the country as a cultural and touristic important destination.

Place and Dates

The 16th version of the festival will take place in Santiago, Chile’s capital city, between the 12th and 27th of August, with the possibility of extending it to other regions of the country.

Regarding participants’ plays

  • All childhood and adolescent theater companies that have a proposal for the stage or open space.
  • The main language should be Spanish or that its comprehension does not depends on the verbal text.
  • Companies must have the respective author rights and/or those of representation.
  • Productions must last a maximum of 1 hour and 30-minutes (1 ½ hour) and a minimum of 40-minutes (40) in a face-to-face format.
  • For the International call companies must not be of more than six actors.
  • The costs of the trip correspond to each company.
  • The economical terms about the payment of each presentation will depend upon the place that the play will be presented (auditory, township, region).
  • The topic, style and content of the proposal are fully left to the applicant’s company proposal. It will be given priority to those plays that are inclusive, memory and future.
  • The organization keeps all the rights regarding recordings, audiovisual distribution and editorial contents of the performances, workshops, debates, conferences and interventions during the event for the purposes it considers to be convenient.

All the applications are open between
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- National Call 

International Call 

*The call and applications are open between, on May 5th 2023
*The reception period for applications closes on…May 15th 2023 at 23:59 hrs.
*If any doubts contact us at

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