Company: Teatrocinema
Dates: October 8th to 23rd Shows on Thursday are at 19:30 and on Saturday and Sundays are at 16:30 and 18:30


The dawn of the scrambled eggs

Company: Teatro Le' Max
Venue: Teatro Mori Bellavista
Dates: October 22nd, 12:00
October 22nd, 17:00

Anís, the happy witch

Héroes of Recycling

A three women’s fable

ALLQU YANA, why black dogs are better?

Lucila, the lights of Gabriela

Company: Teatro Educación
Dates: October 26th, School Campaign La Pintana

The treasure hunters: an adventure through the Chilean Territory

Company: Ocaso Teatro
Dates: October 15th 17:00.
October 16th 17:00.

Goodbye to electronic trash

Company: Los Fi
Dates: October 14th, 17:00
October 15th, 17:00
October 16th, 17:00
Venue: Mori Recoleta

Mrs. Distimia

Company: Compañía Cuéntame que te Cuento
Dates: October 15th
October 16th (Tactile Tour)
Venue Mori Vitacura
October 22nd, 18:00 hrs Teatro Municipal de Lampa.

The moon and the tree of water

Company: Teatro Ruta De La Memoria
Venue: CEINA
Dates: October 9th, 17:00.

Swamp Crows

Company Sopaipilla Teatro
Dates: October 22nd 19:00.
October 23rd at 19:00.

The President’s Hamster

Washing Machine

Company: Manada
Venue: Teatro Mori Recoleta
Dates: October 23rd, 17:00.
October 23rd, 19:00

Love Story of an Old Soul

Company: Compañía Fa
Dates: 22 October, 17:30 .
23rd October, 17:30

The Star Boy

Company: Compañía La Mili
Dates: October 15th, 16:00.
October 16th, 16:00.
Venue: Mori Bellavista

Papelucho and the library

Bloom the garden of emotions

Company: EduArte
Venue: MORI Vitacura
Dates: October 22nd, 17:00
October 23rd, 17:00

The Legend of the Seated Spark